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Brand Engagement through Video Games

February 19, 2016 • By


The internet and the proliferation of smartphone technology has lead to a paradigm shift in how consumers engage with media. For video games, this has meant evolving from a niche hobby to becoming an international pastime. In developed nations, almost everyone plays video games. Whether they are playing a hardcore real-time strategy game, picking up the latest edition of Madden Football, or playing Candy Crush on their phones, gaming in its broadest sense is no longer an isolated subculture.

Blog, Marketing, Video Games

Will your mobile game turn a profit?

December 6, 2015 • By


Make no mistake about it. Mobile games are making a lot of money. Even unlikely players like Kim Kardashian are making a reported $200+ million from video games. There is a real opportunity for brands to build an entirely new and potentially lucrative brand experience with video games. As you might have guessed, we are big fans and advocates of this approach. At the same time, you should plan for the difficult realities for developing a successful mobile game.