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Marketing with Marshal and Meesha: Ep 4. What is content marketing?

April 1, 2016 • By

Welcome to Marketing with Marshal and Meesha. We talk about new developments in marketing trends and best practices to help you improve your marketing and build a successful business.

In This Episode:

Meesha challenges Marshal to explain why he is so passionate about passion marketing and how exactly it applies to business growth. The conversation talks about basic definitions of content marketing, some of the common challenges and pitfalls new content marketers might face, and explores the potential return that a business could see from a content marketing campaign.
Blog, Marketing, Podcast

Map Your Marketing: Diagnostic Sales Funnel

February 15, 2016 • By

For today’s Marketing Monday video I pull back the curtain on the process I work through with my clients. We use this sales funnel model to map every marketing vehicle they have in play so that we know what it’s supposed to do and how it connects to other pieces. From there, we can better measure our efforts and identify opportunities for improvement.

If you have questions about the process, let me know!
Blog, Marketing, Podcast

Marketing Monday: The Core Principle of Content Marketing

September 28, 2015 • By

Every Monday I share a tip, trick, or insight that can help you improve your marketing and grow your business. Today, we cover the very basic idea behind content marketing:

Content marketing is in danger of becoming a buzzword. Anchor all of your content marketing efforts on one principle: your messaging should add value even if a reader never buys anything from you.