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I believe that learning is a collaborative process. To help you and your business, I produce three podcasts about marketing and other business issues that could expand your horizons or uncover a hidden insight.  I’ve learned a great deal from the people I work with, and I learn a lot by passing that knowledge on to others.

My podcasts:

  • The Open Boardroom: I talk to business leaders from a range of industries about how they built their businesses, what they learned along the way, and what advice they would give to other business owners.
  • Marketing with Marshal & Meesha: Meesha Gerhart from Red Tree Web Design is one of my favorite people. Every two weeks, we sit down to talk about a piece of marketing news and what it could mean for business owners.
  • Marketing Monday: Every Monday I cover a tip, trick, or strategy that can help you improve your marketing and grow your business. These videos are short but information-packed.

If you have questions or requests for any of my podcasts, please feel free to email me.

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Eric Perelman – Nartak Media Group

September 29, 2017 • By

In this episode, Marshal sits down to interview Eric Perelman, the owner of Nartak Media, a Pittsburgh-based advertising and media buying agency. Marshal and Eric talk about the role of traditional media in a digital world and Eric’s inside perspective on how businesses can better leverage advertising. To learn more about Eric and his work visit: http://www.nartakmediagroup.com/