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Mega Cat Marketing: MAC Cosmetics and Video Game Lipstick

January 10, 2020 • By

Flying in the face of gamer stereotypes, MAC Cosmetics leveraged a clever partnership with a popular game in China to move a reported 14,000 units of a special edition lipstick. This shows us that there is massive potential in the crossover between video games and marketing and that we should be more open to considering diverse target audiences.
Blog, Marketing, Video Games

Mega Cat Marketing: Non-Profits on Discord

December 19, 2019 • By

Discord is a rapidly expanding platform in the gaming world that combines chat, voice chat, and streaming into one tool. Gamers use Discord to build niche communities around a variety of topics, and they use Discord in place of other chat tools like Skype because of how seamless the community and gaming integrations have become on the platform. Marketers are starting to recognize the value of these communities and are getting creative with how they build their brand presence on Discord.