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Mega Cat Marketing: Hulu Has Live Sports

November 21, 2019 • By

Hulu recently rolled out a brilliant campaign designed to spread awareness for a new Hulu offering: live sports. They built a simple but entertaining infinite runner, integrated it with Twitch, and then used a mix of influencer marketing and digital advertising to drive players to the game. Instead of just plastering generic ads everywhere, Hulu used their game to generate an actual conversation, and that’s huge for engagement.

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Marketing Monday: Non-Traditional Media

November 18, 2019 • By

Traditional media like television, radio, and billboards are not immune to market forces and to innovation. Savvy marketers are finding new ways to layer digital tracking and targeting on top of these mediums to make ads there more effective, more engaging, and more measurable. If your business relies on this kind of advertising, you should be exploring these options as soon as possible because your competitors are likely heading this direction already.

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Marketing Monday: When the Good Go Bad

November 4, 2019 • By

A common pitfall for businesses and marketers looks like this: You spend a bunch of time and resources to get a piece of marketing to work, it does great for the business, and then no one pays attention to it anymore, assuming that since it’s working today that it will still be working tomorrow. If you aren’t careful, a part of your new business engine can break for all sorts of reasons and the longer it takes you to recognize it, the more damage it does to your bottomline.