Marshal D. CarperAs a kid, I never really fit in, and I used to think that was my greatest weakness.

Now, as an author, content marketing consultant, and business owner, I realize that not fitting in is actually my greatest strength. While the rest of an industry chases the trends, I strive to lead my businesses and my clients to capture untapped opportunities. We learn from the best practices of the space and develop an “outside of the box” strategy that allows us to compete from a different angle.

While everyone else crowds the front door, we sneak in the side door.

I used this approach to get my first book published, to found Artechoke Media through crowdfunding, and to establish a competitive edge for Synersteel Studio. For my clients, this has meant a 3X increase in sales during pivotal months for one, a 47 percent increase in retention for another, and a 25 percent subscription increase in a highly competitive B2B service space for another (to name a few).

If you’re like me and you don’t mind not fitting in, let’s work together. We could build something special.