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Goal-Tracking is Vital for Your Ad Budget

June 19, 2017 • By

Over the last few years especially, I’ve had a specific kind of conversation with multiple business owners. They were running expensive display advertising campaigns (think banner ads) that netted them hundreds of thousands of impressions a month accompanied by at least a few hundred clicks.

On the calls with these vendors, the ad managers would walk through a simple report, praising how much traffic the campaign generated and how far above the average industry standard metrics their campaigns were.

The problem was the business owners either weren’t seeing an increase in new business from their website or they weren’t sure how to attribute the business they were getting. Was it from the website or from one of their other marketing efforts?
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Bill Sarris, Sarris Candies — The Open Boardroom Ep. 2

March 24, 2016 • By

This episode is quite a treat.

In the Pittsburgh region, Sarris Candies has forged an incredible reputation for their product and for their brand. In terms of the American dream, the Sarris family has lived it. Starting his company out of his home Frank Sarris started making chocolates, and candy piece by candy piece he grew his home shop into a thriving store front and production hub.

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Marketing Monday: Advertising Comes Last

March 7, 2016 • By

Unfortunately, advertising is often lumped into the broader task of marketing. To maximize your growth, however, generating exposure should be the last step of your marketing process. In this video, I talk briefly about how to build your sales funnel from the product out. Rather then spend a bunch of money on advertising to grow, you start at the conversion and retention stages and work backward to the stage where you build your exposure tactics.