Travel author. Publishing director. Content marketer.

I got my start in fight writing, traveling the country to interview and train with UFC and Jiu-Jitsu World Champions. I wrote for dozens of magazines, was Editor-in-Chief of, and co-authored instructionals with the likes of B.J. Penn (UFC lightweight and welterweight World Champion) and Marcelo Garcia (one of the greatest jiu-jitsu competitors of all time).

I founded Artechoke Media—a jiu-jitsu publishing house—when I saw the jiu-jitsu world losing faith in books. Artechoke crowdfunded its flagship product, Mastering the Crucifix, which brought together text-based analysis, DVD-style videos, and GIF highlights to create a next generation instructional for the community.

Beyond its ground-breaking cloud instructionals, Artechoke Media also includes:

  • Print books by jiu-jitsu authors
  • A retro-style mobile game
  • An active YouTube channel

In addition to my work with Artechoke, I also work with authors to help them develop their own projects, both in a co-author and a ghostwriter capacity. Contact me to learn more.

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Content Marketing Everything You Wish You Could Say

January 16, 2018 • By

Content marketing is an extension of your sales process.

Content marketing is a broad term that can describe everything from television shows to email campaigns. For someone working in this space—hello, that’s me!—this makes content marketing exciting and interesting. The variety makes each marketing mix unique and opens the door to a huge swath of creative potential.

For clients, the folks deciding whether or not use content marketing, that same broadness can be confusing and crippling. Many times, when there are so many things that you could do, the response can often be to do nothing. Analysis paralysis, feeling overwhelmed—however you describe it, more choice is not always a good thing.

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5 Reasons Why Your Blog is a Failure

October 24, 2017 • By

When I talk to business owners about content marketing, their initial reaction is often to say, “Oh, like blogging?” which is shortly followed by “We tried blogging. It was a waste of time.” They aren’t being mean. Running a blog is a time-consuming process, and for it to produce no measurable return is understandably frustrating. The reality of blogging—a small facet of what content marketing encompasses—is that the vast majority of business blogs are abject failures.

To blame for these failures is a range of common mistakes and misconceptions of what a blog should do or how it should add value to a business. Even if blogging is a clear opportunity for your business, executing a blogging strategy incorrectly will do nothing but drain budget.

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Eric Perelman – Nartak Media Group

September 29, 2017 • By

In this episode, Marshal sits down to interview Eric Perelman, the owner of Nartak Media, a Pittsburgh-based advertising and media buying agency. Marshal and Eric talk about the role of traditional media in a digital world and Eric’s inside perspective on how businesses can better leverage advertising. To learn more about Eric and his work visit: